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The Air Purification System (APS) is designed for the convenient and reliable generation of a continuous supply of high-purity, hydrocarbon, moisture, and sulfur free air from the surrounding ambient environment.



T-11-351 Air Purification System

Carbon Dioxide Analysis, TSA, Air Purification System

SKU: T-11-351
  • This reliable and inexpensive system provides a source of high purity air designed to compliment the Total Sulfur Analyzer (TSA).  The TSA requires high purity air as a source of oxygen for the catalytic oxidation of contaminant sulfur compounds to SO2 for analysis.  Any sulfur contamination in the air source will cause erroneous results in the operation of the TSA.  The APS is enclosed in a durable instrument box and utilizes an internal air pump and a series of traps and filters to ensure the production a high-purity air supply

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