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T-03-007 | "A" Bulb  99 to 100% in .1%


T-03-008 | "E" Bulb - Caustic Reservoir


T-03-009 | Hose Connection


T-03-011 | Rubber Covered Band w/Nuts "A" Bulb


T-03-012 | Rubber Covered Band w/Nuts "E" Bulb


T-03-013 | Protective case only/ gas purity tester


T-03-014 | Frame 2 piece/ center block 


T-03-015 | Calibrated "A" Bulb, Platinum Wire 0.01%


T-03-016 | Rubber Covered Band FL/Platinum Bulb


T-03-150 | Teflon Stopcock, Replacement












Carbon Dioxide Purity Tester, Zahm, Replacement Parts

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