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The complete instrument to measure pressure and temperature simultaneously. Dial thermometer is inserted through piercing needle after piercing. The Tester comes complete with a dual scale, 60 psi and 4.2kg/cm2 pressure gauge, dual scale, dial thermometer, 25 - 125 degrees F and 0 - 50 degrees C. Instruction book included.

The 3 liter size, T-03-004, will accept the Ultrasonic Shaker, T-02-702.


The 1 liter size accepts containers up to 4"dia. x 15" tall. The 3 liter size accepts containers up to 7"dia. x 19" tall. Longer guide rods are available on request.


For replacement parts see Carbonation Tester, Zahm, D-T Type, Replacement Parts.

Carbonation Tester, Zahm, D-T Type

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