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This tester is designed for control of cap tightness in container closure operations.  It can be used with either molded, metal screw caps or lug caps on glass, PET or metal containers, The bottle is held in place with chuck jaws.  The jaws will accommodate from 1/2" minimum diameter container to 6 1/2" maximum.  The cap is removed (either by hand or with a suitable chuck).  The pointer will show the torque in inch lbs. required to apply or loosen the cap, depending on the model used.

Standard Range:  0 - 25 inch lbs.

Optional Ranges:   

0 -50 inch lbs.

0 - 100 inch lbs.

0- 150  inch lbs.



Please specify when ordering.


 Spring Torque Tester has an accuracy of ±4% of full-scale reading


The indicators can be seen on both the application and removal sides.


Like all our cap torque testers, our spring torque testers are solidly built with cast aluminum. 

Optional: Teflon coating of either model, effective for extreme corrosive conditions,  is available for a modest upcharge (call for pricing).

Spring Torque Tester, Bench

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